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  • Understanding a “No-Fault Divorce” State
    Understanding a “No-Fault Divorce” State

    As you go through the divorce process, you may hear the term “no-fault divorce state”, especially if you’re pursuing a divorce in the State of Colorado (which happens to be a no-fault divorce state). ...

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  • Cross-State Divorce Laws
    Cross-State Divorce Laws

    If you and your spouse live in different states, your divorce proceeding will only be held in one state. In cases where the parties don’t have minor children, the appropriate jurisdiction is ...

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  • Legal Separation vs. Divorce
    Legal Separation vs. Divorce

    Generally, people want to know why they should consider getting a legal separation vs. a divorce. In my experience, there are five reasons that have come up more frequently as to why a couple may ...

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  • Leveraging Domestic Violence Charges in Divorce Cases
    Leveraging Domestic Violence Charges in Divorce Cases

    In my last blog post , I talked about how I often don’t see true violence in divorce cases (in fact, in about 30% of the “domestic violence” cases that come through my door, neither spouse wants any ...

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  • Understanding Domestic Violence Charges
    Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

    In my experience working as an attorney in Boulder, Colorado, domestic violence charges are rarely as cut-and-dry or as blatantly violent as most of the general public has been led to believe. That’s ...

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  • How to Prepare for Divorce Proceedings
    How to Prepare for Divorce Proceedings

    To preface this article on preparing for divorce , I should first make it clear that this blog post strictly addresses actions you can take (or not take) to give yourself the best possible advantage ...

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