How to Speed Up Your DUI Case – Part II

In my last post, I described the typical process for a DUI case. Of course, nobody thinks they want their DUI case to drag on for months and months – but often the factors that determine how long the case will last are out of your control. However, there are some cases that require additional time and work to get the best offer possible.

There are some instances where a client must speed up his or her case for important reasons. For example, if the client has to go back to college in another state or if the client is scheduled to leave the country for an extended period of time soon, there are things we can do (or the Court may do) to speed the process.

The Court will usually accommodate an Agreement

Let’s say I get a trial that is scheduled for the end of September. If the DA and I reach an agreement that feels fair to my client, the Court will usually accommodate us. Instead of waiting until the end of September for my client to plead guilty, we can usually get into Court right away.

Of course, this is assuming that the DA gives us a deal that we like.

Generally speaking, the Court has its routine and it wants to follow its routine. The Court may deviate in special cases such as I mentioned above (work or study abroad, or going back to college in another state).

Sometimes the Court will bend its schedule but typically it does not like to do so.

The Shift to Technology

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the best way to ensure that your DUI case is resolved quickly is to make sure that everyone – the DA, your attorney – does their job. If the DA reviews the evidence in a timely manner and your attorney prepares for the case in time for the Court date, things may run more smoothly.

It requires that everyone be prepared and on top of things.

However, these days with so much technological information as part of the discovery, things are becoming more complicated. I call this “Extraordinary Evidence,” and it includes things like dash cams, body cams and audio or visual recordings made on smart phones.

In the justice system, everyone is used to sharing information like police reports, blood tests and breath tests. But now that we have so much extraordinary evidence, things are becoming more complex.

For example, I got a DUI case that had a court date set four weeks out. By the time we went to Court, I still hadn’t received the tape from the body cam that the police officer said he was wearing. The Judge agreed to push the Court date back another month.

Despite the fact that I wrote the DA previously and requested a copy of the tape, it was very difficult to get it. We only received it five business days before our second Court date – and easily I could have gone to Court and asked the Judge for another extension. However, my team was able to quickly review the nearly two hours of footage and prepare for Court.

You can see now how easily a DUI case will extend for months. If you need things to move more quickly, tell your attorney right away and he or she will help you push things along.

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