What to Expect Between Your DUI Arrest and Your Court Date

When people get arrested for DUI or DWAI, the period between their arrest and the actual court date can be stressful. I always say that I can tell whether someone has been arrested previously because if they’ve never gone through the process they’re a nervous wreck in my office.

The people who have been through it before know what to expect. They’re more calm because they know what’s coming.

If you haven’t been through the process, here is some insight into what to expect when you’ve been arrested for DUI or DWAI in the State of Colorado.

The General Timeline

When you are arrested you’ll be given a ticket with a court date on it that is somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks out. That might feel like a long time, but it is standard for our area.

(Occasionally you will be required to attend pre-trial services that monitor your sobriety before the court date and it is important to follow these procedures closely.)

If you decide to work with an attorney, which is highly recommended, he or she will file an Entry of Appearance informing the judge that you are being represented by a law professional. At this point, the date on the ticket will be nullified and a new Court appearance will be chosen 8 weeks out to give you and your attorney time to prepare.

When you do go to Court with your attorney, several things might happen. If your attorney has reached an agreement with the DA, your case will be finalized. If you chose not to accept the deal the DA offered, then further proceedings are scheduled.

This essentially means that, in some cases, you may not actually have a trial or a resolution of your case for literally months.

The Attorney’s Role

When you work with an attorney, during the 8-week delay, he or she will get copies of the discovery in the case, the police reports, dash cams, body cams, 911 call recordings, results of your blood test and so on. Any evidence or information that is relevant to the case will be collected by your attorney on your behalf.

At the same time, the attorney will gather information from you about what happened when you were arrested. He or she may also gather expert witnesses to strengthen your case.

The whole purpose of the procedure is to put together a strong defense to minimize the damages you’ll experience as a result of your DUI or DWAI arrest.

Have you been arrested for DUI or DWAI? Don’t deal with this by yourself – it is much better to have an experienced attorney on your side. Call our office today at (720) 999-9506 to set up a free consultation.

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