3 Things to do Right Away when going through a Divorce

Divorce proceedings can last a long time and get nasty before you know it. Even an “amicable” situation can start to look ruthless as time goes on and both people start to realize what’s at stake. 

If you’re preparing to go through the divorce process, there are several things you can do right off the bat to not only protect yourself but also make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. 

The idea is to avoid curveballs and get things worked out swiftly. To be clear, these are very general guidelines and as every case is different, it’s important to speak with a legal professional about your specific situation. 

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Tell Your Lawyer Everything

Once you have signed a letter of engagement with your divorce attorney, you are protected by Attorney-Client privilege. This means that you are free to disclose anything and everything to your attorney and it will not be used against you in the Court of law.

Whenever I take on a new client, I always ask, “Is there anything I should know?” And this includes prior convictions, Court cases, any incriminating information about the situation, family complications, etc. I am interested in any piece of information that may be used against you.  I don’t want to find out about something in the middle of a Court hearing.

It doesn’t ever do good to lie or hide things from your attorney. In fact, it can seriously hurt your case if information comes out late in the game of which your attorney was unaware.

Think Critically before Posting on Social Media

I wrote about this in a previous blog post, How to Manage Social Media when Going through a Divorce: the information you share on social media is considered public and can and will be used against you in Court if the other side manages to get hold of it. 

Information like major purchases, where you reside, whether you have a new significant other, which social events you attend... I’ve seen it all used against clients in a Court of law.

It’s best to avoid social media altogether if you’re going through any kind of Court case. I also recommend making sure that your accounts are set to “private.” It is a good idea to sift through old content that you may have posted months or even years ago and delete anything that may paint you in the wrong light, harm your case, or give the other side ammunition against you. 

Keep Your Mouth Shut

During your case, the best thing you can do is keep a low profile and avoid discussing the details with anyone except your attorney. Something as simple as showing up to a mutual friend’s backyard barbecue with a new girlfriend or boyfriend can complicate divorce proceedings if the other side finds out; I’ve seen relatively amicable proceedings become much more difficult if the other side becomes jealous or bitter. There is a distinction between what can be used in Court and what will affect the other side. Dating again may not be admissible in Court; however, it may make the other side far more difficult to deal with in trying to negotiate a resolution.

When you’re going through a divorce, remember that everything you do can have serious consequences in Court. Your emails, your text messages, your social media posts and your conversations can potentially show up in the case. 

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