Child Support in the State of Colorado

In Colorado, the amount of child support is determined primarily using statutory guidelines. The calculation is based on the gross income of the parties, the number of overnights the children spend with each party and certain expenses associated with the children such as health insurance and child care.

Barre can help you understand the child support guidelines, and he will work to ensure that child support payments are reasonable and fair, and adequately provide for the needs of the children.

A parent is typically required to pay child support until a child is emancipated—which happens upon their 19th birthday or until the child graduates high school—unless one of the following occurs first for the child:

  • Marriage
  • Enlistment in military
  • Financial independence

Support for a child with special needs may extend past the age of majority, as long as the child support obligation is put into place before the child turns 19.

Over the course of time, there may be changes to financial and family situations which make previous child support obligations unreasonable. Barre continues to work with clients as time goes on helping them to modify child support when necessary.

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